5 Things Intuitive People Do

As a teacher of the metaphysical arts, it is common for my students to ponder the concept of intuition, wondering if they can actually access this subconscious pool of information. 
Everyone secretly wishes that some gypsy psychic would appear and tell them that they are "one of us" and that their illusive powers will be received on their 16th birthday (at least i did!) Unfortunately, this is not how it happens, except for in the movies! The truth is, these "powers" already exist within all of us beginning at our infancy!
Children are highly sensitive, psychic beings because they have not yet learned to fear the unknown or unexplained. They welcome their spirit friends and act solely on impulse. As they grow older and begin to acclimate to society their intuitive mind begins to narrow into the ego. Wants and needs begin to be understood as well as societal restraints. Imaginary friends turn into the need for real friends and acceptance. There is an exception: Children who have survived trauma (abuse, bullying, neglect) and/or are introverts, are more likely to retreat into that intuitive or imaginary mind more often, thus resulting in the psychic channel remaining open. In these instances, a natural intuitive can be born!
How do we return to that space? Is it possible to re-open that channel as an adult? The answer is.... YES!
Below are some of my tips that may just be the ticket you need to re-board the psychic train!

1: Meditation
Oh the dread! People spend too much time trying to meditate "right" instead of just... meditating! There is no right or wrong way to do it! Clearing the mind of its pointless chatter is super important if you wish to access the psychic mind. Sit for 10-20 minutes a day and allow the mind to rest. An easy meditation is to count the inhalations and exhalations of the breathe. 10 count in, 10 count out. That is it!
2: Creative Visualization
Thats right! I am giving you permission to daydream! Access your creative mind by letting yourself out of the box and into the stars! Imagining your dreams realized, the new house you wish to own or millions of dollars in your bank account is actually an amazing practice. This gets those juices flowing through your channel of manifestation which is the same energy flow our psychic intuition runs through. Try it!
3: Self Care
Taking care of yourself is essential. We need to always be working towards the greatest good of ourselves, ie. constantly creating good feelings and vibrations. Keeping yourself vibrant will alleviate any stagnation in the mind and body. This ensures that your energy is balanced; when we are balanced, it is easier to feel and trust our intuition. 
Some examples of self care are: Eating healthy, working out, taking yoga, seeing a therapist, healer or bodyworker, taking breaks, sleeping properly, drinking lots of water....get it?
4: Trust 
If you are constantly seeking validation and life answers from sources outside of yourself, then you are in a sate of self-trust paralysis! Om Mani Padme Hum, "The jewel is within the lotus." All of the answers are already inside of you. Sometimes the fear of the truth or the dreaded "unknown" can blind you from what's directly in front. TRUST! Trust what your thoughts and your gut feelings tell you. You will never be let down!
5: Study And Learn
A dull mind is a breeding ground for boredom. It is vital to continue to study and learn new concepts and ideas. Your hippocampus (psycheducation.org) is the part of your brain which develops new memories. Without it you would be stuck in the past and unable to live in the present moment. Knowledge is brain food! Take classes, read books, learn a new language, or simply act on your interests. These things will keep your brain active and in a constant state of rejuvenation, creating positive brain and life functioning. 
-James Bene
So Thats it! Start with these tips and watch your intuitive powers resurface! 

For more information about James Bene visit www.benemudra.com


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