Plants... Or Home Gurus?

     After being in my apartment for a few months I started to feel like something was missing. My mind would wander to the “dead” zones and ponder the idea of marble top tables and Mongolian hair upholstered stools. It seemed like the more I would spend to decorate, the more lavish it would become…yet there was an emptiness. 
    One day I went on a small trip to the local flower market in Downtown Los Angeles. Now this place is unlike anything you can imagine! Warehouse after warehouse chock filled with every plant, flower and tree you can ever desire! With overwhelmed senses I decided on some life to bring back home. Without having the slightest thought of where I might place them, I purchased a few succulents, a fern, a yucca plant and a few other leafy little guys. After getting home and playing musical plants for about two hours, each organism of green love had found a place and so began my new life as a plant parent…..of many.

    In time I realized that when you clad your home with plants you are not just adding greenery and relevance to your decor. These life bearing organisms connect to your body, mind and soul in many ways, enhancing the quality of your daily life!

4 radical effects of indoor plants for enhanced spiritual living

1: "I got my feet on the ground and I feel alive!"

One method of grounding your energy is to retreat into nature and soak up those  deep rooted electrodes found in the soil of mother earth. I  have found that being amongst many plants has helped me align and ground naturally and almost automatically. They promote a sense of peace that I can only imagine comes from their life force. If you don’t have the time or the luxury to find yourself in nature, bring nature to you! 

 Grounding can help you to:

  •   Reduce stress, lethargy and a lack of motivation
  •   Increase your emotional and mental health
  •   Bring clarity to your life path and purpose
  •   Know your own wisdom, thoughts and desires
  •   Grow stronger, taller and higher in all areas of life

2: "I easily connect to my deep yoga breath!"

That’s right! Plants help us breathe better! When we breathe our body takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. Plants, however, have the opposite pattern. During photosynthesis, they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, thus filling your home with vibrant rich air. Plants also emit water vapor. This keeps the air moist which is great for respiratory health! Lastly, plants act as a natural air purification system by removing up to 87% of volatile organic compounds that may be trapped in your home. 

3: "I am achieving my goals!"

It's hard to believe but plants actually improve your health and focus! Ever wonder why you bring plants to sick people in the hospital? Well the good people at Kansas State University have and they concluded that people who had plants in their rooms compared to those who did not, had lower heart rates, lower blood pressure, less fatigue, less anxiety and were released sooner! In a different study, the Royal School Of Agriculture in England discovered that students demonstrate 70% better attentiveness when taught in plant filled class rooms! Ahhh.. the benefits are endless!

4: "I respect all living beings, myself included!"

Having to take care of something other than yourself can help put life into perspective and can give your sense of purpose a real push. The watering and nurturing of a plant can actually help change some negative thought patterns you may have collected along the way in regards to your self worth as well as help sooth grief! The more you show care for your plants, the more your compassion for yourself and others will grow! Like the plant, you either blossom or die, depending on how your are nurtured. Plants need water as well specific conditions in order to thrive. So do you! Negative thoughts can contaminate your soil making it very hard for a “seed” to sprout. Our job is to create and flourish, not wilt and rot. It is quite simple really; as the the universal law of sustenance suggests: that which is fed grows and that which is starved dies! 

How many plants do I need in order to take advantage of these benefits?

Studies show that placing a plant every 100-125 square feet is beneficial. A nice simple rule to follow is to always have greenery is plain view! Remember to do your research and chose the plants that best fit the conditions within your home or office! 


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