The Great White Light Of Protection

Do you often feel bogged down, as if you are carrying the weight and emotions of the world? Do you feel as though your thoughts and feelings may not be that of your own, but the energy of your friend, mother, spouse or even the man you passed by in the parking lot?  If you answered yes, then these are all signs that you may be empathic. 

An empath is a person who has the psychic gift of clairesentience. They are able to feel the emotional and or physical state of those around them (or those that are far), which often times leaves them in states of mental and emotional imbalance. This imbalance can lead to unwanted anxieties, depression or fearful thinking. Having no idea where it may have come from, the empath tends to believe that something is entrancingly wrong with them and usually begins to distant themselves from social settings and engagements. Not only empaths can take on others’ energy, the truth is…most of us do subconsciously!It is true! We all soak up the negative energy of others, as well as the positive. When you and a friend get together and talk about travel, adventure and high vibrational things, you most likely leave feeling empowered and full of excitement. On the other hand, if your friend is having a hard time, you might leave feeling like you were hit by a truck…you have taken on their emotional state! Most people have not learned the tools needed in order to clear and repel energy that is not their own. It is not healthy to walk around carrying your father’s anxiety, mother’s limited beliefs or friend’s depression! Why? Because your body has no idea that it is not your own. These emotions will be processed in the same way, thus harming your whole self and stifling your body, mind and spirit. Their energy becomes yours and there will be no way of distinguishing the two. I know so many who suffer this way unknowingly and unwillingly!

Self protection is vital in the art of self-care! Energy can not be destroyed, but it sure can be changed and influenced!  If you feel like you are someone who takes on the emotions of others, these 5 tips are for you!


1 Cutting The Chords

We all sympathize with others and wish to help people as much as we can. We give and give until we have nothing left and then wonder why we feel so down. Cutting the chords between others is releasing yourself energetically from the outcome of their well-being. You are not in charge of their healing! Listen, send blessings, then let go! If you feel like you are too energetically attached to someone (living or dead), call upon Archangel Michael to assist you in the cutting of the chords! There are many meditations you can find online to help you with this modality!

2 Set Boundaries 

Beware of the energy vampire! Like it or not, we all have people in our surroundings who suck our energy. You know it to be true if after spending time with them you feel drained or depleted. It is wise to limit your contact with these types of people. If you have friends, co-workers or family members who fall into this blood-thirsty category, I advise you to cut the cords and set clear relationship boundaries. Ground yourself before talking with them by rooting into the earth and after, ask your higher-self to clear all non-beneficial energies that are not your own completely out of your auric field. The power of intention comes into play here!

3 Shield Your Energy

Sometime after you wake up and before you begin your day, call upon The Great White Light Of Protection! Sit in meditation and allow this bright, gooey light..filled with your intention to self-protect… to slowly cover your entire being starting at the head and ending at your feet. Guide this light through and around yourself for as long as it is needed and especially to sensitive areas of the body. When you feel a sense of calm, you are ready to go! Repeat when and if necessary throughout the day. This can also be used in cleansing your energy at night. For added yumminess, you can do this while holding a quartz crystal or a black tourmaline; the ultimate in protective stones!

4 Recharge

We all need our alone time! Take time to relax and recharge, especially when you feel you may be holding on to erroneous energy. Go to the movies, go on a hike or simply sit still in meditation. Allowing the mind to re-adjust and the body to release all excess and non-beneficial feelings is a necessity when providing care for the empathic self! This also promotes grounding, which is effective in releasing unwanted energy. The earth transmutes the energy into positive vibrations. 

5 Energy Work

Reiki, acupuncture, or even a great massage will help re-direct unwanted energies and emotions which may be trapped within your body! Find a energy healing modality that you connect with and seek regular treatments until you feel like yourself again! Learning reiki for self administration, is an amazing tool in balancing and releasing stress, anxiety and excess energy.

Try it! No more will you allow other peoples fears, beliefs and emotions to rule! Although being empathic may be very helpful if you choose to be a healer, it can otherwise change the quality of your life for the worse if you choose not to deal with it.

James Bene


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