My Top 5 Healing Modalities of 2018!

As a healer, I am constantly seeking exciting holistic and spiritual therapeutic interventions. Back when I was a young man I discovered the illusive healing power of Reiki and since then have explored other alternative practices using myself as a guinea pig. Like a handyman collecting hammers and wrenches, I have created a "spiritual tool box" in which I have placed enticing healing modalities with which I can use to restore my own emotional and mental health. In most cases I have discovered that I never have to feel anxious, depressed or uncertain again! A negative feeling is a symptom of an unhealed emotional state that is on the threshold of release. When I experience discomfort in my feelings I am able to find resolution by choosing one of the methods I have accumulated and applying it until I feel relief. Afterwards, I most often feel calm, connected and free. I can't stress the importance of creating your own personal healing "tool box" enough! I don't know where I would be today If I didn't have these skills under my belt. Some are easier to learn while others take time, practice and or formal training. 

Here are my top 5 healing modalities for 2018:


Of course I must include Reiki healing to this list because I am a certified Reiki Master! Reiki is a nondenominational hands-on healing technique which was developed in Japan and nurtured by Dr. Mikao Usui in the 1920s. A miracle to the world or an extension of Buddhism, Reiki, in essence, is  "Universal Life Force Energy" channeled with positive intention through a practitioner and administered via light touch into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies (aura) of a recipient. The benefits of Reiki are endless, in that it promotes feelings of calm and relaxation while eliminating the energy field of negative blockages. The result is a flowing physical body that is more capable of releasing trauma, anxiety, stale emotions, pain and disease. What I find most enticing about Reiki is that once you are attuned, you are able to begin self-healing treatments that day! Reiki is learned in 3 levels where a Master teaches all aspects of and attunes his students to the energy over the course of about a year (depending on the teacher). After the completion of the first level the student is urged to use Reiki for self-care on a daily basis. For more information on Reiki training you may visit my site

2 "The Work"

One of the most influential books I have read is Byron Katie's "Loving What Is". Katie became a master influencer within the world of self-realization after a divine intervention moved her to create a process of questioning, turning-around and releasing harmful thoughts called "The Work". Done in 4 easy steps, this modality remains at the top of my tool box! Thoughts create our feelings and feelings create our reality! It is important to question thoughts before they become feelings. "Is it true?", "Are you absolutely sure it's true?", "Who would you be without this thought?", are examples of questions you are guided to ask in this ultimate mind-training exercise! Byron Katie conducts in-person training and classes all over the world... which can cost a pretty penny! Her book is affordable and provides you with everything you need to do "The Work" accurately. More about Byron Katie go to or look her up on YouTube to see her apply "The Work" to participating guests.

3 Yoga Nidra

This made my list because at the moment... I am all about it! There are many paths in practicing yoga. Asana is the most popular as it is the physical aspect, but there are other ways to bring yoga into your life! Bhakti yoga is the practice of meditation through chant and then we have... Yoga Nidra. A path or perhaps more a state of being, Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) is a meditative and therapeutic experience which promotes the deepest possible state of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. Similar to lucid dreaming, the practice of Yoga Nidra has also been known to reduce symptoms of stress, high anxiety and PTSD. Yoga Nidra is also highly effective as a sleep aid! The best way to practice Yoga Nidra is to find a class at your local yoga studio or experience a session at home through guided meditation audios. The app Insight Timer has been a great tool for me in finding a plethora of free high quality guided meditations, including Yoga Nidra. Insight Timer is free to download and so are most of the features!

4 Affirmation

Thanks to Louise Hay and her best-selling book "You Can Heal Your Life", I was introduced to the simple yet powerful tool of positive affirmation! Affirmation is New Thought or New Age terminology referring to the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment to override old beliefs and create new neurological pathways to success, joy, vibration and health. It's the "think it and you can be it' concept which is directly tied to the universal law of attraction. The equation is: A positive affirmation creates a positive feeling, which then produces positive actions, resulting in the desired miracle. This concept was originally made popular in the 1920s. Earnest Holmes and Francis Schovel-Shinn are among a few early authors of this philosophy. Check out this website for daily affirmation and inspiration.

5 EFT (Tapping)

Who knew tapping your fingers could produce such profound effects! We all walk this earth in a constant state of unknown, unresolved emotional crisis! Emotional Freedom Technique, commonly called tapping, is the process by which one taps on distinct meridian or pressure points of the body to help stop physical symptoms of anxiety or pain brought on by emotional triggers. Like acupuncture and based on Chinese medicine, EFT creates positive energetic flow without the use needless and unlike acupuncture, is easily self-administed at the drop of a...tap! Due to Gary Craig and his handbook published in 1990, a new take on an already established process was created! If tapping interest you, find a course, a practitioner or read "The Tapping Solution" by Nick Ortner and learn how to tap at home. For more information on EFT visit

James Bene


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