Spirituality In The Trump Era: I Am Spiritual Yet I Don't Care!

The witching hour is upon us and spiritualists across the nation continue to turn a blind eye to the current political climate. Posting their positively on Instagram and Facebook as if the world is a blushing bride headed down the isle to rainbows, vision boards and manifested money-trees. I too am guilty of this to an extent but there comes a time when we must put aside our need to appease all people to gain fans, likes and follows and speak up! If not now, when? Is a spiritually based life an excuse to avoid political responsibility or is it a powerful platform to promote reform? 

Jesus himself in many ways was a political activist. He defied the laws and beliefs of an archaic society by preaching that all gods children are equal despite their sex, status or creed. Jesus was a bombastic threat to the political climate of the time because he stood righteously against the socioeconomic stronghold of the pharisees. He questioned the authority of the kings rule over humanity and fought against the hypocrisy of God's so-called earthly representatives. He used his powerful platform to teach about love but also spoke of a one world government brought on by God that would bring about world peace. These were radical and never before spoken words which shook the foundations of the time. Even though Jesus tried not to meddle in politics, he became a political game changer.

Now as America thwarts into the age of Aquarius we see a new force that threatens to sever the threads of progress and hope that were woven by the hands of the brave with the promise of peace for all! The choices we face and the decisions we make will be the key to whether the fabric of this country will be strengthened or destroyed. How can we, as spiritually centered individuals, sit back and ignore the cries of our beloved country. Sending love and light into the netherworld isn't enough! I remember having a talk with my guru Kelly on the upper east side of Manhattan one day. I told her how I have trouble expressing my deep truth and spiritual identity for fear of being judged. She looked at me and said, 

"One day the spiritual healers and teachers of the world will be called to rise, lay down their pens and pick up swords. Trade their prayer books for shields and their holy water for fire. Those who truly embody the strength, courage of conviction and the compassion of the Christ energy will be fearless enough to serve as the warriors of God and in doing this, speak his truth and guide his flock. When this day comes, you will be ready!"

I have always remembered this. I thought of what that day would look like. What would be happening that would cause the need for this spiritual revolution, so to speak. In my life I have never been so clear, fully knowing that the time she spoke of has come. We must unite and stand together as one. As Spiritualists, we must speak out against injustice while providing a space for those who are confused, hungry and thirsty to drink, eat and find courage. We do this without judgment or hate but in grace and truth. We will not be productive if we hide behind the smoke and mirrors of cliches or the luke warm spirituality of a yoga pose or moonstone found in a dusty new age store. Marianne Williamson is a prime example of the spiritual warrior. In her latest Instagram post on Nelson Mandela's birthday she wrote,

"Nelson Mandela was born 100 years ago today. Think not of what he did, but of the quality of his person hood. And now it’s our turn. Much to become, and so much to do. There is a saying in AA that every problem comes bearing its own solution. May we rise to the occasion in our time as others did in theirs."

Is it not fair to say that the current evidence points to this upraise? The Nelson Mandelas and Martin Luther Kings of our time have risen! We have the choice to join them or embody the exact hypocrisy which Jesus spoke against. I am not saying we must go to extremes, what I am saying is to think about how we can add to this revolution in our own way, big or small. Use the metaphysical or spiritual platform to offer tools on how to cope with this changing world in real time, not to fill space with empty promises of how universal law can work in people's favor to create the life that we the "enlightened" have cultured for ourselves. For example, a colleague of mine, a fine intuitive and life coach, is forever posting (on all media platforms) how busy he is. How much money he is making. How grateful he is for his book deals and summer homes and so on. His need to feed his narcissism far exceeds his passion to promote real change with his gifts. I have noticed the amount of likes and comments he used to receive have greatly diminished! Whether he realizes it or not, the tolerance that society once had for self-involved, inauthentic banter has weakened. People are desperate to connect to truthful people, avoiding all the "fake news" constructed to deceive..and I am not talking about the lies that our administration feed us about MSNBC or CNN! 

It is time to educate our following about the importance of gender neutrality, equality, political savvy, social injustice and the decay of our right to be here now! Look, I am no stranger to mystical and practical aspects of the spiritual realm and enjoy learning and teaching about it, but to not acknowledge or take a stand against what is occurring in our society would be revealing myself as a fraud and a liar. An unpractical spiritual being out to serve his own ego. We have all bared witness to false prophets or greedy gurus...refuse to be one! 

I believe that everything falls under the order of God, meaning all problems are spiritual ones. Spiritual healing has profound effects on the lives of people I treat, allowing them to remember the truth of who they are resulting in emotional freedom. A true spiritual existence constantly works towards greater good; the good of oneself, others and the whole. It has the same value for larger issues which fall outside of an individual journey, the whole! We must now focus our attention on the whole of spirituality. This involves removing our ego and placing attention on the well-being of others, because the safety of that well-being through our freedom will contribute to the fabric that made us great and will continue to in the future and perhaps Jesus' knowledge of a one world government of peace will be revealed.

In conclusion, I wish all my seekers and budding metaphysicians to not feel attacked or at ill ease with my words. What is being asked is not an easy task to fulfill. In your teachings, prayers, meditations and offerings, remember the greater good and how you can promote it. Start with a simple intention, dedicate your yoga practice to the safety of displaced immigrant children, pray for our president and so on and so forth! It is okay to express your truth within your work without the worry of social repercussions.

"Truth is the beginning of every good to the gods and every good to man" -Plato

#Truth #Resist #OneWorld #Freedom #selfexpression

James Bene

James is a teacher of metaphysics, intuitive and healer currently living in
Los Angeles, CA!


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